Resale of Retirement Villas & Apartments

Existing CovaiCare’s Retirement Community projects do offer a few properties which come up for resale. If you desire any of our retirement communities, kindly fill up the “contact us” form and in the “message” please tell us which project you desire a dwelling that may be available.

Concern for Environment

CovaiCare concern for Green Buildings is well documented. We are member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Covai S3 Senior Care Centre, with the first three retirement community projects by Team CovaiCare, of 2004-08 vintage was awarded the highest rating of Platinum with 80 points out of 100. We are proud of the fact that Covai S3 Senior Care Centre was not planned to be an IGBC certified project. Our commitment to environment, ecology and the green movement in India is well documented by:

Factors involved in Performance Metrics:

The first sewage treatment plant was set up in 2005.

Rain water harvesting and excellent water management.

Garbage management including segregation at source, composting and using green products for house keeping.

Solar lights and solar energy for reducing carbon for prints.

Green surrounding with excellent landscaping.

Drip irrigation for landscaped areas.

Use of green generators, solar energy for dwellings, fencing and boom barriers.

Colonel A Sridharan, VSM is a “Fellow” of IGBC.

Covai Chinmayam Senior Care Centre, a villa project in Coimbatore has been pre-certified for Platinum rating by IGBC.

CovaiCare supports “Go Green” movement of IGBC.

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