Memory Care

Memory Care

Memory care is a special care that is to be provided to those with varying degrees of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. It involves creating a structured environment with set schedules and routines that will help a less stress life style, safety features and also ensure that health of the senior is kept in mind while developing programs to cultivate or improve cognitive skills.

CovaiCare is in the process of adding “Schizophrenia” as part of Memory Care at Covai Pelican, Puducherry.

Specially designed activities for the patients to reconnect with their memories. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two of the common memory loss conditions included under the umbrella of memory care. This specialized care spans a spectrum of services depending upon the severity of symptoms exhibited by an individual. Memory Care requires more care and of a different nature than what is given as Assisted Care.

While Dementia is age related, Alzheimer’s is the worst form of Dementia where the patient loses his memory completely. Both Dementia and Alzheimer’s affect the elderly population only. Care for such patients needs lot of passion and compassion. We planned to create Memory Care Centre in Puducherry by 2020 followed by in Bangalore and in Coimbatore.

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