Assisted Care

Assisted Care

Professional care and attention is given to Senior Citizens through Assisted Care Centre. Seniors may need eithershort term or long term Assisted Care. CovaiCare moves such Senior Citizens to the specially created CovaiCare Assisted Care Centre (CACC) for providing quality assistance, physiotherapy and rehabilitation at an affordable cost.

In Covai S3 Senior Care Centre at Coimbatore, we provide home health care and have now set up CACC with 7 beds.

Assisted Care Centres (ACC) by CovaiCare will be available in Coimbatore (Covai Chinmayam & Covai Ultra), Bangalore (Urbana Irene by Covai), Mysore (Covai @ Tapovan Solace) and Puducherry (Covai Pelican) as well as in all future projects.

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