Unified efforts – By Team CovaiCare

All of us know that when any work is undertaken together there is a sense of participation.  As a child, I remember the story of a father preaching his sons the importance of staying united.  Wooden sticks when tied together are stronger and difficult to break, whereas a single wooden stick breaks very easily.

Even in our media-driven world, the marketing gurus keep reminding us that team work is the foundation for success in any organisation

We recently experienced the joy working together with pooling of resources and ideas resulting in remarkable success in one of our retirement communities in Coimbatore. Covai S3 Retirement Community consists of 130 Villas built between  2004 and 2014 and, is India’s first Platinum Rating by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). It was not planned for getting IGBC rating but was bestowed the honour in 2018.

Over fifteen years, when the internal roads got laid in the community,  due to usual wear and tear, the roads required to be resurfaced. The fact that the roads lasted over a long period ,is in itself  a testimony to the quality of work and subsequent maintenance.  Thus was born “Project Road Resurfacing” at Covai S3 Retirement Community

Team CovaiCare did their best to meet the Local Administration Minister of Tamil Nadu and move the proposal of the road resurfacing with the Government resources. The proposal was accepted  but execution was delayed by the Government. Further, there  was uncertainty if the government would be able to complete the same before the onset of next monsoon.

After a few rounds of discussion, CovaiCare and Covai S3 Residents took a unified decision to share the complete expense between the corpus that CovaiCare collects from the buyer at the time of resale of any villa/apartment in CovaiCare projects and by individual contribution through  ‘Covai S3 Retirement Community Welfare Society, ’  which is  a registered body under Registrar of Societies The contribution from the residents was collected in this account, which is managed by an Executive Committee of the residents.


Individual contribution of Rs 10,000 per dwelling  from the owners, some of the tenants as well as  some generous and magnanimous  contributions were made by some owners. CovaiCare paid Rs 10,00,000/- from the corpus collected from the re-sale of dwellings. “Every drop makes the mighty ocean” a resident quoted! Yes, true indeed!

As a standard operating procedure of CovaiCare, detailed quotations were taken from three independent contractors before negotiating the final cost. The details were discussed in the monthly resident meeting by the MD.  Team CovaiCare floated the Tenders based on quality decided and a road construction contractor was selected from the bids received. Mr Rajagopal who had constructed these roads in the retirement community since 2004 won the bid.  Coincidentally, every single project of Covai he was road contractor who had created the roads in Covai S3 earlier, as well as in other projects of CovaiCare. Their quality and standards have been time-tested.

Team CovaiCare insisted to the road contractor that there should be minimal inconvenience to the elders living in our community,  to be mindful of the people on wheelchair and that no tree would be cut to facilitate the road. The road contractor was to ensure that the road works will be completed within the time decided and payments made as per progress of work. An engineer from CovaiCare would oversee the work. Photographs and videos of progress of work would be shared on daily basis with the Google group of Covai S3

The work has since commenced and continues as we write this blog post.

Not only the unified efforts have paid to bring the act of group living to its fruition but have also created history in the retirement communities of CovaiCare! We thank our residents for this great effort and pray that we enjoy walking, cycling or drives in car, buggies and travel on wheel-chair. The last one is so critically important for many of us.


Together we can make it happen!

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