In the wake of the pandemic in vogue, Sidharrth Hariharan has penned his thoughts on the significance of internally sanitizing the self in addition to sanitizing the physical self.  Please find the blog titled: “Sanitize……internally too”.

In current times, when humanity is valiantly fighting the virus, there lurks close behind a malady, unknown to many, with a potential to offer greater threat – Fear!

Sidharrth, who turned 30 on the 31st March’20, is a differently-abled child, with spasticity of both lower limbs. He has completed B.A. in English Literature with Distinction from University of Pune in June, 2014. Sidharrth has a reasonable flair for writing & attempts to pen articles periodically.

His parents will be living with Sidharrth in Covai Chinmayam Retirement Community from Jan next year.



By Sidharrth Hariharan

The other day, I almost bumped into an odd-looking guy, sporting a ‘Crown’.

‘They call me “COVID” that speak of me’, it told me menacingly.  “COVID, COVID-19.  नामतोसुनाहोगा” (you must have heard my name already).  I also saw 2 creepy guys lurking alongside COVID, who introduced themselves as Death & Fear.  “I rarely go alone”, COVID said. “These two turn up wherever I go”.

“Well, having come, I intend to take some folks with me”, COVID told me matter-of-factly. Death said it too intended to take along with it folks albeit lesser than that taken by COVID. However Fear categorically said it had absolutely no intention of taking any with it.

All 3 entered our Country. While COVID & Death went about their task, what surprised me in particular was that despite the assurance, Fear was walking away with a sea of humanity following it closely behind! When quizzed, Fear said it had not taken any with it; rather the folks on their own chose to go with it ……..!

On a serious note, this precisely is what’s happening to us folks ever since the dreaded virus made known its entry. We have been gripped by fear; rather we have invited Fear to grip us.

Our singular focus for the past few days has been on the challenging situation surrounding our planet, our country, our city, our neighbourhood today. Focus is natural; focus is good too, since it always pays to be aware of what is happening in and around us. However, if we bury ourselves entirely in it, we stand a good chance of getting affected negatively. Knowingly or unknowingly, our thoughts get negative. The virus threatening all today with a pseudo Health War, may not be with us forever, however what perhaps may get to remain with us till eternity is Fear – the Fear created by COVID-19 unless we start Thinking Right.

Sanitize we must but equally our minds so right thoughts abound. Mask we need to don but equally on our minds to ward against the excess negativity largely being spread. Social distancing & quarantine we must abide by but equally ensure we isolate the negative vibrations that have power to penetrate any distance, any quarantine.

Surroundings we need to keep clean but equally ensure we don’t sully it with our energies of panic, anxiety and fear.

So let us collate mentally to create the Right Thoughts internally right from this very moment. Thoughts have power to manifest. Let’s think positive, create positive vibrations. The battle does not lie somewhere outside. Rather it is well within us, in our minds. Let us ward ourselves against an even dreaded malady that threatens to stay with us for life. Let’s sanitize ourselves internally too, let’s also sanitize our Minds. The equation may well change for the better!


  1. Very nice blog written in a very unique way .If we conquer our inner fear we can fight everything together .

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