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Pressalit Care

All products of CovaiCare which are meant to assist and benefit senior citizens are dealt through a separate division named SeniorAide. SeniorAide also gets involved in upgradation and usage of technology which can assist eldercare. Currently we have tie-up with Pressalit Care, Denmark and Seniority, an RPG company.

CovaiCare is the sole distributors of Pressalit Care products in India.

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VALUE is a series consisting of wash basin brackets, support arms and shower seats, and bathroom accessories for these. The series has been designed with functionality, stability and durability in mind and the products will stay in excellent condition for many years to come, even in environments with multiple users.

The series contains both fixed and height-adjustable products.


PLUS is the flexible solution with products that are height-adjustable and can be moved sideways. PLUS is therefore well suited to bathrooms

Used by several people.

For people with progressive illnesses.

With changing needs.

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