Covai’s PolyCare is a professional healthcare centre that provides a wide range of personalised and professional medical services to the patients who are members of the PolyCare. It is intended to revive the concept of Family Doctors through Covai’s PolyCare, a combination of Polyclinic manned by General Physicians (GPS) and backed by Specialists only for those who need to see them.

Manned by GPs and well-trained professionals (nurses, care givers &lab assistants), the PolyCare would provide effective and efficient monitoring system so that the patients can get quality healthcare at affordable cost and, their medical history maintained for any future use. The PolyCare would be your Family Doctor – always available for dependable healthcare service to your family and you at an affordable cost.

Covai’s PolyCare is connected to all our retirement communities through an innovative method named 2CT.

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CovaiCare consultancy for setting up and running Covai’s PolyCare on very good commercial terms available for Chennai, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Puducherry, Kochi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Goa.

Contact –  nkishore@covaicare.com

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