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When my dad passed away in Dec 2015, we (my sister and I) had to make a decision on where my mom, Rajam Mahadevan,would live going forward. My parents had lived in Cochin for about 40 years until my dad’s demise. Clearly,living in Cochin was an option but we were also open to exploring a senior living community. Given that we both lived quite a distanceaway (my sister in Delhi and myself in the US), we wanted to find a place that was safe&secure, had a sense of community, where she felt comfortable in participating in activities of her interest, provided her with companionship; and that she could call home. I am glad of our decision to make Covai S3 Senior Care Centre (Soundaryam Santhosham complex) as her home starting in June 2016.


The Covai S3 has more than exceeded our expectations during the 3.5 years my mom has lived here at Soundaryam 24. Our initial awareness for this retirement community was through Siva & Maha, relatives, who have lived there for many years. It took us just a short visit to Covai S3 in Dec 2015 to make our decision. The greenery of the campus was an instant attraction. Set amidst green foliage from palm trees, manicured lawns, and gardens, the streets were devoid of any traffic and provided the residents with ample opportunity to go on long walks. My mom had always worked within the confines of a home, as a stereotypical housewife& mom, doing all the cooking, the daily chores, doing the grocery shopping, bringing up the kids etc. Living in this community has given her choice in this regard. While she still does some cooking, she is able to benefit from the scrumptious meals served at the Dining Hall of the community. Covai S3 has about 120 Villas in a gated community with security manning its entry/exit areas, thereby, giving its residents a sense of security regardless of the time of day. Most importantly, the residents have now become her extended family, other than her already existingrelatives (Siva & Maha) in the community.She has built a strong sense of community through her participation in devotional and other activities within the campus. The residents of Covai S3, along with the CovaiCare support staff, have been super supportive in her journey and her stay at this abode. She is affectionately referred to as ‘Rajam Akka’ in the community and is often consulted on the recipe for making special dishes during Indian festivals. My mom, has in many ways, re-discovered herself and her identity. I can only hope and pray that her second innings continue to flourish for years to comein this community.


Since my mom moved into this Complex in June 2016, I have eagerly looked forward to my visits here in December each year and have now visited 4 years running.I have built a rapport with some of the residents and enjoy my morning and evening walks, not to mention the quality of food. My 11-year old daughter, Payal, has visited 3 of those times and has really enjoyed interacting with other grandchildren that come to spend time on campus during this time of the year and the “thathas/pattis”. Colonel Sridharan, Prajosh, Edwin and the support staff do an amazing job keeping the place clean, secure, and lively during the Christmas and New Year holidays. I have also reached out to some of the other residents’ children, who live near me in the US, to further expand the sense of the “Covai S3community”. While more work in this regard is required, we have started to meet in countries far away, speak of this retirement community in venerable tones, and I hope will continue to connect and expand this community globally.


Subbu Mahadevan – Son of a Resident at Covai S3 Senior Care Centre

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