Medical & Emergency Services by CovaiCare

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Medical & Emergency Services by CovaiCare

Medical Emergency

Specialist Doctors

The medical team organizes regular medical check-up and medical camps and brings faculty from outside. The facilities house in house / on call doctor, nurse facility and structured supply of medicines and home needs.

The group has introduced the concept of family doctor through Covai’s PolyCare, services of which are now available at Coimbatore and for outstation Covai’s PolyCare could be accessed through telemedicine technique (2CT).

A full-fledged and updated first aid kit and adequately stocked medicines are part of the standard offering at any of Covai’s communities.

CovaiCare’s Telemedicine (2CT)

Nursing & Caregiver

Covai believes in providing children of the elders a peace of mind and sense of satisfaction that their loved ones are in the safest hands.

Care Givers are the children and loved ones of elders, who would like to see their elders comfortable. Whether it is bed side assistance, nursing services or part time medicine administration… Covai facilitates the help.

Duties of Resident Health Manager (Nurse) at CovaiCare Retirement Communities


The first concern that comes to a resident’s mind in selecting a retirement community is the access its hospital and the quick medical intervention at a time of crisis. Over the last 15 years, there has not been one incidence in Covai has slipped in case of an emergency.

With an ambulance on call within the campus, a resident qualified nurse, and resident driver for any emergency, Covai has a clear procedure for emergency handling; the service man’s experience adds tremendous difference to quality care.

Emergency SOP followed at covaicare communities

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