Measures taken by Team CovaiCare during COVID-19 lockdown

We are progressing into the second week of the COVID -19 lockdown declared by the government since 25 March 2020 and, which is expected to continue until 14 Apr 2020 (as of now).

The following measures are in place to ensure that the elders we serve are safe and secure in our retirement communities (RC):

      1. Assisting Residents to stay comfortably in their residences:


  • Supply of milk packets – washed, disinfected and supplied to every dwelling
  • Newspaper distribution is stopped in the community
  • Daily collection of garbage organized from all houses
  • Housekeeping services offered to those who are in dire need
  • Maintenance team available for any breakdown service (eg. Plumbing or Electrical)
  • Water supply is ensured every day
  • Medical services (medical centre and Covai’s Telemedicine) are open 24/7 for any medical emergencies.
  • Security staff stops all vendors at the gate and organises further distribution as per protocols
  • Routine calls by RHM / Management team to ensure all is well
  • Residents go for their walks maintaining the social distance of 6 feet (now)  
  • In some communities, daily open air programmes like chanting prayers etc. (maintaining physical distance)in the evening to break the monotony are organised.
  • CRM staff speak to residents (especially those who have not yet moved into ours RCs) to check on their welfare


     2. Errand services organised for the Residents:


  • Medicines are arranged with invoice and regular discount available. We have ensured minimum 15 days stock of regular medicines is there with the residents. This is monitored by RHMs
  • Bread/snacks are organised as desired
  • Fruits are organised every Thursday
  • Self-cheques are encashed for the residents, if required.
  • Face masks and sanitizers are supplied to those in need. The management organises supplies of the same to the staff who are engaged in medical services or running errands.


     3. Operations backup for Regular Services:


  • We have ensured one month grocery stock in kitchen and reorder is planned every 15 days
  • Perishables are ordered once every three days.
  • Prices of daily supplies are compared and order is placed accordingly to cater for short supply or price increase . Menu is moderated based on availability of vegetables. WE avoid expensive vegetables
  • We operate with minimum staff following the government rules for the lockdown
  • Outside staff shifts are rotated to suit their convenience
  • Staffing for essential services of cooks, waiters and, medical team are organised inside the community.
  • All food handlers in the community are provided staff meals so that they donot have the pressure of managing work at home
  • All staff are assured of their monthly salary as some of them are located away from the community are unable to commute during the lockdown
  • Special incentive for all staff working during the lockdown to reward them for their dedicated, selfless service almost risking their lives and sacrificing their family time. This is being worked out and we thank the residents who have come forward to be part of this Incentive Scheme. Details will be shared soon.


     4. Daily activities of Assisted Care Centre ACC:


  • Temperature of all staff are checked on a daily basis before entering into Care Centre each time
  • Hand washing using soap is carried out by all staff before entering Care Centre.
  • Overcoat of all staff is washed at the end of the day in the Care Centre.
  • Nurses and Caregivers wash their hands before and after doing service to any patient.
  • Washable face mask is used by all staff which are washed and sanitized twice a day
  • Hand Sanitizers are placed in the common areas.
  • Housekeeping is done regularly and disinfection done using Dettol.
  • ACC staff members are requested to attend their work regularly in spite ofthe lockdown
  • All patients’ temperature is checked daily and recorded.
  • Patients are monitored frequently and if any abnormalities are noticed, the same is reported to PolyCare Doctor. Based on their advice medicines are provided to the patient.
  • PolyCare Doctor is available on consultation over 2CT (Telemedicine) and visits the Care Centre every week.
  • All patients are provided food inside the Care Centre.
  • Food for the patients is left outside at the door by the Services team. And collected from there without entering the ACC
  • Patients are taken to Namma Park in the evening only on need basis.
  • Medicines and Diapers are arranged regularly
  • Special incentives will be provided all staff who have worked during lockdown for their dedication and services.


     5. Resident Medical Team (SHM/RHM):


  • Training has been given to all the security staff to check the temperature of each person entering the Retirement Community using non-contact Infrared thermometer.
  • Hand washing protocol is checked by RHM. Handing washing arrangements are available at the Gate
  • Checking the working condition of thermometer twice a day.
  • Arranging for refilling the hand wash sanitizer containers at all the places. (Gates, Security, Office, ACC & Dining area)
  • Checking toilet cleaning at the Retreat, Suvai, ACC & Staff toilets in all communities
  • Cleaning of all benches and swings at common area.
  • Advice the members to maintain social distance at the time of walking and in park area or Open air theatre/ Amphitheatre .
  • Kitchen staff –their living quarters are checked for general cleaning and grooming.
  • The activities of quarantined residents are monitored closely and regularly
  • Answering the Govt officials regarding the condition of our residents, especially those on self/home quarantine
  • Daily visit to residents who have general illness by RHM or attend to any emergency call any time
  • Staff quarters / members are checked daily to maintain proper sanitation
  • Medicines are arranged once in 15 days and ensuring distribution to each resident individually
  • The police department visits the local retirement community daily (Twice at 11 pm to 12 mid night and 2 am to 6.30 am).They do routine checking of security, whether early morning vendors/workers temperature are being checked, hand sanitisation and social distancing followed. They are maintaining a record.


     6. Covai’s PolyCare:


  • Covai’s PolyCare Doctors are available for teleconsultation (2CT) and visit the communities once a week.
  • Doctors contact the residents in all the RCs every day in the morning and evening to enquire about their general welfare and assure them of support at all times
  • Once a week, doctors go to the RCs locally and visit ACC to check all the residents’ health status and report to their respective kith and kin.
  • Doctors also check the general maintenance and cleanliness of the ACC.
  • CRM takes all enquiries and consults with the Doctors concerned.
  • Doctors’ complete Teleconsultation makes required notes and prescription for the patient and forward them to the CRM viaWhatsApp.
  • CRM keeps record and updates the record of the patients.
  • Doctors also have consultations in Medical Centre for general health issues of residents.
  • Doctors make house calls in the community if it is requested.
  • EDMs are sent to all our residents and registered members regarding the availability of Teleconsultation facility.
  • Covai’s PolyCaremaintains Covaicare Tower by regular housekeeping activities and sanitisation without any break during the lockdown period.


Team CovaiCare is doing its best and working round the clock, to make sure that the residents in the retirement communities are safe and their children/guardians, who live far away, feel happy.



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