Why Covai?

Retirement Community:

At Covai, we believe that life is too wonderful to be spent worrying.

We promote the concept of active life among-st our residents. Inclusivity is a hall mark of whatever we do. As a pioneer in the concept of senior living, we have been bench-marked by the industry as a thought leader. Thinking beyond normal, we have redefined expectations. At Covai your expectations become entitlements.

We recognize and are sensitive to the changes in people’s perceptions and expectations of a senior living community. Adapting to changes, we have transitioned from standalone retirement communities to building communities that are part of a larger community. Bridging demographic  divides. We use our insights to provide holistic solutions to needs. We think. Ahead of others. Ahead of time.

With increase in life expectancy, we believe that our residents will be spending over a third of their life after the age of 60. That’s why at Covai, we believe that Care precedes services. Each is important at different stages of life. Our solutions adapt to Indian culture and conditions. With over 60 persons above age of 85 years in our earliest community, we have practical insights in the changes that have impacted them. Physically and financially. We use these  inputs to design care. Experientially. Hence our solutions are practical .

Investments into Covai retirement community as a real estate investment has reaped very rich dividends to the residents. The value appreciation is higher than the market curve – and that defines why brand CovaiCare is a sought after destination for elder care.

Care Aspect in Covai:

We handle disabled and the challenged with care. To us  disability does not mean the end of life. It means that life has to be enjoyed actively, but differently. One of our key differentiators is that we have brought in an inclusivity into the retirement communities we build to address the needs of these people.

We are one of the first players to recognize services and care of the elders and, have brought in medical care, assisted living, day care and palliative care to address the ageing related needs of our residents. Our special offering to elders with children with disabilities (PWD) is unique and “out of the box” solution. We give comfort to such residents in addressing Life after one’s life.

At Covai, we share your joy.  But more importantly we go shoulder to shoulder on your sorrow. At every stage of your life. And after.

The DNA of brand Covai is well imbibed into each of our team members. Collectively we deliver with care and compassion.

We use simple but robust technology to deliver better services and care. We are first to embrace technology that can bring a big difference to even simple things we do. And this adds value to our services.

When you come to Covai, you are assured of wellness and Care. The peace of mind you are looking for you or your loved ones. You come to Covai… By Choice.

  • Mr.S Venkatasubramanian

    Service provided by Covai is very good. Staff/managers are well trained to engage with residents with positive attitude. Family like atmosphere is created by staff and residents.
  • Mr.Gurudutt Shenoy

    Excellent, tranquil, serene…thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Congratulation and best wishes to Colonel Sridharan and his team. Keep up the good work.
  • Captain Rajkumar

    Excellent execution of idea. The staff is excellent, always carry a smile and courteous. We congratulate Colonel Sridharan on putting up a wonderful project.
  • Mr.K Sankaran

    I love the atmosphere, overall location and comfort. Food was good and attended too well. Love the family like environment, would like to choose one like this in case of need.
  • Mr.DV Kumaran

    Extraodinary experience. I had never expected that  a retirement home can be maintained with this level of hospitality to all. Hats off!
  • Brig Sivindar Singh

    A par excellent stay, extremely well managed, hospitality of the highest order with extremely friendly residents. Feel like becoming a resident myself. Colonel Sridharan has done a great job for humanity.
  • Mr.Swaminathan

    Very very peaceful experience. Everything was organised in a perfect way. The staff was very courteous and smiling. Everything was done meticulously and we look forward to staying here.
  • M Kasinath Balaji

    The stay in Covai S3 Senior Care Centre was most comfortable. The team at Covai S3 provided excellent service. All of them were very courteous, friendly and caring. Food was excellent. Giving me positive thoughts.
  • Brigadier Suryanarayanan (Pressalit Care Bathroom User)

    I must thank Colonel Sridharan for sparing the services of the Covai team. Extremely devoted and sincere. Shows how much you care for them. Team Covai treated the job as if it was their own flat, checking of the progress almost daily besides dozens of calls to me! Also to mention, everyone worked with a smile and 100% efficiency.
  • Mr.Umanath (Resident)

    Team CovaiCare have a tough challenge ahead at Covai Chinmayam. How are you going to match the quality of food and the service with a smile we get at the "Retreat" in Covai S3 Senior Care Centre?! We just got back from lunch; I must say, every item in the menu this afternoon was simply superb; you don't know what you missed - today is not an exception. Most of the days the food has been very good - especially the soup every night is something we look forward to.
  • Mr.Venkata Sukuntha

    Navarathri Utsav at CovaiCare S3:

    It was very nice to see "வரலாறு காணாத” number of talented residents participating in the cultural programme held on Monday, 25th September 2017, as part of Navarathri celebrations in CovaiCare S3.  And surprisingly, many men also participated and surprised one and all with beautiful rendition of classical and movie (both Tamil and Hindi) songs.

    A big hand to all of them.

  • Mr.Balasubrahmanyam

    Navarathri Utsav at CovaiCare S3

    The Bharathanatyam performance by Smt. Shara Sivithkumar on Thursday, the first day of Navarathri evenings this year, was in more than one sense, thoroughly enjoyable. The performance of the talented artist can be described in several words. Simply put, it was excellent!

  • Mrs.Meera & Mr.Padmanabhan

    Navarathri Utsav at CovaiCare S3:

    My wife and I are enjoying the events and performances in spite of being far away from Covai S3. We are fortunate to have Manian, Natarajan and other professionals to cover them.

    Thanks a lot. Our best wishes.

  • Mr.Bharat & Mr.Ashok (Resident)

    During our recent visits, we noticed a vibrant community willing to help and care and even share their experiences with a bondage to others that display their overall happiness. There is a great calmness and a sense of belonging among the residents. They feel proud to be in this beautiful place. The staff and the residents are always eager to render assistance and support to their fellow residents.

    Colonel, you have established a solid foundation for the Covai S3 Senior Care Centre to live happily, peacefully, and thrive and prosper for years to come.

  • Mr.Varadarajan PV (Resident)

    We are staying in this community from July 2006 and have been eating at the Retreat for most of the time and we never ever had any problem after eating the food. The Doctor who was interacting with each one of the 27 odd residents said that the place, food and atmosphere in the Retirement Community will take care of your health.

    We keep telling all our friends and relatives or even visitors to this community during our conversation that food served here is absolutely safe and good.

  • Mr.Nambi Kalakad (Resident)

    Nearly a week ago I had an emergency and prompt help arrived from the staff and I was lifted up and put into my bed. We could immediately get a full time attender as well as a wheel chair.

    I don't find enough words to express my gratitude to all involved. The family spirit is excellent if at all it needed to be brought to light every now and then!

  • Mr.Venkata Sukuntha (Resident)

    This is yet another incident when CovaiCare jump into action when someone/anyone suddenly needs urgent attention and help. This kind of support gives a lot of mental and psychological confidence not only to the senior residents, but also to their children who are in different corners of globe, that immediate help and attention is available.

    The care and concern of the co-residents which give a morale boost, also is greatly appreciated.

  • Ms.Jaya Narayan (Resident)

    This is so reassuring to me - sitting at such a far away distance from my loved one. I know that team at CovaiCare is providing the best elder care with speed and affection. Thank you everyone. More power to all of you.

  • Mr.Vijayakumar Nrr (Facebook)

    Colonel Sridhar and team are very passionate about providing valuable services to the Senior Citizens. Kudos to their passion and dedication for their vision which we see in reality now.

  • Mr.SV Ramachandran (Facebook)

    A wonderful gated community for senior citizen! I have not yet come across better ones so far in terms of facilities, comforts, needs and commune for the seniors!