Covai Community Guidelines


CovaiCare offers quality ‘Active living’ at an affordable cost.
  • Enjoy your second childhood with active life
Sing, dance and play to your heart’s content. Live healthy. Live as a family & celebrate life king size
  • We care for you
Assisted Care Centre SOS (Emergency Alert Device)
  • Driven by solar power
Villas | Street Lights | UPS | Water Heater Common amenities | Pumps
  • Reduce your recurring expenditure
Subsidized maintenance charges LED lights | Refundable deposit
  • Facility for special children
Concept lifestyle for senior citizens with special children
  • Safety & wheel chair friendly bathrooms
Bathroom solutions from Pressalit Care, Denmark Sensor lights for toilets
  • Retirement from cooking
Vegetarian menu to cater to your palette
  • 24 x 7 Security
Biometric device for entry & exit (Boom Barrier) Electronic Perimeter Fencing
  • Freedom through Independence.
  • Facilitate avenues and opportunities to lead Active Life.
  • Give what the Senior’s need and, not ask them to take what is given.
  • Dignity & Respect.
  • Opportunities for Social Interaction.
  • Quality Infrastructure & Amenities.
  • Design of dwellings to meet the needs of Senior Citizens.
  • Quality Care and Support Services in various Stages.
  • Group Cohesion.
  • Spiritual and Religious Activities without any compulsion.
  • Promote active participation through Entertainment & Group Activities like picnics tours and travels.
  • We provide a unique life style for the senior citizens in their silver years. It is not an old age home.
  • The seniors will have freedom and independence and will live with respect and dignity
  • You will get the best of services and care beyond compare
  • Excellent systems, Standard Operating Procedures and Processes for making your living easy
  • Security and Emergency Arrangements including SOS Systems for individual residents and evacuation to hospital by an in-house Ambulance.
  • Attendant will be provided where necessary in the hospital free of cost, until the family or children can come and take charge
  • Medical care through Medical Centre. Availability of Nurse, Doctor on Call and Care Givers ensured
  • Retirement from Cooking!
  • Menu will be wholesome and changed every quarter
  • Eco friendly and clean atmosphere
  • Best of infrastructure and amenities to suit seniors
  • Recreation arrangements
  • Group cohesion and community living at its best in the midst of like-minded people
  • Spiritual and religious discourse
  • You will never feel alone because of the inherent support systems available
  • Property is taken care of in your absence
  • Well trained staff
  • No restrictions except to follow certain code of conduct, since you are part of a large community
  • No compulsion to attend any program
  • Being free-hold property, the value appreciation is to your credit
  • Your children will also be happy, since you get quality care and services and time does not hang on you!
  • Transparency in dealings for which Colonel and Covai have an established reputation
  • Facilities:
  • Club House with Lounge, Dining Room, Card/TV/Indoor Games Room, Kitchen, Pantry
  • Activity Centre
  • Medical Centre with Ambulance
  • Guest Rooms
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Manager’s and Supervisors’ quarters
  • Quarters for Stewards, Kitchen staff, Nurses, Care Givers, etc
  • Assisted Care Centre to provide Assisted and Palliative Care
  • Amenities:
  • 24X7 Security including CCTV, electronic fence
  • Boom Barrier and Biometric facility at the Main Entrance Gate to monitor movement.
  • Specially designed bathroom solutions imported from Pressalit Care, Denmark
  • Broadband Arrangement with Intercom facility at additional cost to be intimated
  • Business Centre with e-mail facility and learning assistance
  • Library cum Reading Room
  • Special Amenities for Seniors
  • Specially designed bathroom solutions from Pressalit Care, Denmark.
  • SOS for emergency
  • Solar Street Lights and normal street lights
  • Solar water heaters (100 Ltrs)
  • 1 KW Solar Power per dwelling
  • Sensors for toilet lights
  • LED Lights for the entire dwelling and common amenities as per standard architect plan
  • Interiors (cupboards in bedrooms, shelf below kitchen slab only)
  • Wardrobe lights
  • Mirror with lights in toilets
  • Smoke alarm for kitchenette
  • Security system for perimeter fence
  • Boom Barrier for security gate
  • Ramps
  • Lifts in Common Amenities like Club House, Assisted Care Centre
  • Subsidized Maintenance
  • The entire community is Senior friendly
  • Senior friendly SPECIAL bathroom solution from Denmark: Your dwelling comes with toilets from Pressalit Care, Denmark. These are specially designed toilets for normal use or by a person on a wheel chair. Even the toilet size and design have been done in such a manner that there is ease of operation for a wheel chair resident, with wet and dry areas separated in the toilet. One toilet from Pressalit Care per dwelling will be provided and the other toilet will be standard toilet with CP fittings as given in the Specifications
Services and Care including running the Assisted Care Centre will be provided on completion of the project by Covai Senior Citizens Services (P) Ltd (CSCS).   The following services will be provided:  
  • Catering Services
  • House Keeping Services
  • Gardening Services
  • 24 x 7 Security
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Travel Services including pick and drop, tickets etc
  • Religious Tours as well as organizing holidays through Travel Agents
  • Picnics and Outings including Movies and Restaurants
  • Event Management
  • Annual Medical Check Ups
  • Lectures on religion, spiritualism and common subjects of interest
  • Preventive maintenance & On-Call service by electrician, plumber and carpenter
  • Payment of taxes, telephone and electricity bills and preparation of IT Returns
  • Guest House facilities for guests
  • Arrangements for celebrations like Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries etc
  • Live-in Resident Manager
  • Emergency services including evacuation to hospitals
  • Maintenance of Health Record and arranging periodic medical checkup in hospitals
  • Doctor facilities (on call)
  • Structured supply of medicines and home needs
  • Arrangement for banking facility (subject to banks willing to put up extension counter)
Please note all services that are provided are chargeable and the details will be worked out and intimated before the project becomes operational. However the management reserves the right to increase or  decrease the rates as per market conditions. Our endeavor will be to provide economical and affordable living, without compromising on Quality, Care and Services.
Yes, anyone above the age of 50 years can live in the Community. In the case of couple, one of them should be over 50 years. However, you can invest at any age and move in when you are 50 years of age. This is because, we want you to invest when you are still working and pay for the dwelling either from your saving or through home loan, pay off all debt and move in debt free after you retire from your job. The community is essentially for seniors only, as we feel that the younger generation will not be comfortable as their lifestyle is different to the one led by the seniors. However, we have no restriction for your children or relatives to come and stay with you on holidays (not permanently) or your grand children stay with you to pursue their education. However, each case will be decided on merit by the Management in the spirit of looking after with compassion. We have reserved certain dwellings for Senior Citizens with special children in our projects who have certain disabilities like Autism, Down syndrome or Spastics (Refer section below for more information on ‘Seniors with Children who have disability’). These Special Children can stay with their parents irrespective of their age.
No, we have no restriction on any religion, caste or creed. All are welcome.
Yes. The design of dwellings, infrastructure and amenities comes to you with the experience of Team Covai and Colonel, who are the Pioneer in Retirement Communities for seniors in their silver years. Every aspect of design and infrastructure in the community would be friendly to seniors’.
  • The property is free hold and will be registered in the name of the purchaser(s).
  • Property can be sold through the Services Company “Covai Senior Citizens Services (P) Ltd” at the prevailing market rate. You can also bring a suitable buyer.
  • The reason for the property being regulated by the Services Company is because it is a Community for Senior Citizens; keeping with the Guidelines for community living, the Management would like to know to whom the property is being sold. The buyer would also have to pay the Corpus amount., the Refundable Deposit and sign a fresh Services Agreement with CSCS
  • The property can also be passed on to your legal heirs as per your Will and he or she can occupy the property when above 50 years signing the Services Agreement. If the age of the heir is less than 50 years, he or she can sell or give it on rent based on the market rates through our Services Company (CSCS). CSCS would act as the Property Manager on behalf of the owner and ensure completion of the deal, collect rent and look after the property on behalf of the owner. For this service, we will charge one-month rent whenever the lease is renewed.


Generally, Senior Citizens living can be classified into the following stages:
  • Independent Living: In this stage, the seniors are able to manage their life with a little bit of help in terms of housekeeping, cooking etc, depending upon the status of their health. They are generally mobile and able to lead independent life in their own dwelling. They may also be able to drive a car or look after themselves without much assistance.
  • Assisted Living: Some of the seniors may suffer from age-related long term or short-term disabilities. The long-term disabilities may be due to frailty or due to some ailment like a Stroke, which may necessitate lifelong rehabilitation. Some may need short-term assistance for instance, when they undergo knee or hip replacement surgeries or heart surgeries etc. These ailments will require either constant or partly assistance by Nurse or Care Givers or Physiotherapists or trained personnel in rehabilitation programmes in geriatric care. The assistance may include toileting, bathing, administering medicines, Physiotherapy, taking them to hospitals for periodic check up and helping them to lead Active Life in spite of their disabilities so that they do not get depressed. Situations may arise when elderly parents cannot accompany their sons/daughters when they travel abroad as both or one of them may not be able to withstand tedious and long air travel. For them the Assisted Care Centre is a boon, as they will be taken care of and be able to live in the midst of other seniors and thus be cheerful and do not get bored with life.
Such dependent Senior Citizens cannot live in their dwellings. They will have to move to Assisted Care Centre set up and avail of the professional care and attention so that the spouse, who is also a Senior Citizen, is not stressed to care for the ailing partner. Besides, the children will not be able to spare so much of time for the parents if they are living far away as it will affect their family lives, their children’s care and attention. Assisted Care Centres are on the Model of “Pay and Use” since the care required may be long term or short term.
  • Memory Care: Memory Care Centres are for those Senior Citizens who suffer from memory loss or Dementia as well as extreme cases of Dementia called Alzheimer Disease. These need very highly trained professional Care Givers, Psychiatric assistance, Nurses and the entire team is required to be highly passionate and motivated to handle these seniors without getting burnt out themselves.
  • Continuous or Nursing Care: These are for those Senior Citizens who need continuous care due to their age or some terminal illness. They are shifted to Nursing Homes where such care is available. Unfortunately in India, such Nursing Homes or Hospice are not available in the scale that they are required.
We caters for Independent Living as well as Assisted Living with Palliative care. We do not have separate Nursing Care facility but will be able to provide the same in Assisted Care Centre (ACC).


Some of the seniors, because of age, may suffer either long term or short-term disabilities. The long-term disabilities may be due to age when they become frail or suffer from some ailment like a Stroke, which will need rehabilitation. Some may need short-term assistance when they undergo knee or hip replacement surgeries or heart surgeries etc. These ailments will require either constant or temporary assistance by Nurse or Care Givers or Physiotherapists or trained personnel in rehabilitation programme. The assistance may be necessary includes toileting, bathing, administering medicines, Physiotherapy, visit hospitals for periodic check up and, helping them to lead Active Life spite of their disabilities. Such senior citizens cannot live in their dwellings. They will have to move to Assisted Care Centre where they will be given professional care and attention so that the spouse, who is also a senior citizen, is not stressed to give care to the ailing partner. Assisted Care Centre’s are on the Model of “Pay and Use,” since the care required may be long term or short term.
No. This is open to all age group depending upon the need for such Assisted Care.
In the case of ACC, the persons admitted have physical disability which can be short/long term. If any person who is physically challenged needs assistance, Assisted Care Centre can provide the same. The decision of the management along with experts will determine the admission of such physically challenged persons since the ACC cannot take care of all types of physically challenged persons.
Yes, the Daughter/Son/Spouse can stay in Special Single Occupancy Room for which additional charges will be required to be paid. Here we have provided an additional bed. If the senior citizen is taking Double Occupancy Room, the provision for extra bed cannot be provided. The relatives can visit during Visiting Hours, but night stay will not be possible.
Any of our residents availing the Assisted Care facility will be taken care until the very end. We can make arrangements for dedicated 24x7 nursing care for the aged at additional cost.
Assisted Care Centre owned by Covai would have 20 beds and is based on the “Pay & Use” model. It is open for all, however would extend concession and reservations for our residents
  • Fully furnished room for single or double occupancy with AC
  • Specially Designed Toilets from Denmark
  • TV in each room
  • Light Piped Music with controls
  • Care Givers
  • Physiotherapy
  • 24X7 Nurses and Care Givers’ Assistance
  • Periodic Visit by Doctor
  • Administration of medicines on time
  • Lounge, Dining Room, Reading room
  • Central TV and Movie Viewing (Covered Theatre)
  • Indoor Games
  • Wheel Chair
  • Specially Cooked food as per patient’s personal Doctor’s advice
  • Emergency Care
  • Visit to Hospital accompanied by Care Giver
  • Maintenance of Medical Record
  • Active Life and taking part in other activities in the community
  • Rehabilitation as prescribed by the resident’s personal Doctor
  • SOS system for intimating emergency situation by patients
  • CCTV to monitor serious patients (controls to switch off CCTV for less serious Patients available)
  • Broadband facility
  • Mini Refrigerator
  • Cupboards and furniture
  • Care Taker station for 24 X 7 care
  • Business Centre with access to Computers, Skype to communicate with near and dear will be available
No. Both the patient and the spouse will be given food cooked at ACC, as we are concerned with hygiene and well being of all residents. Nothing from outside will be allowed to be brought in.
The cost for use of Assisted Care Centre will be intimated on completion of the project. Interest-free caution deposit of Rs One/Two lacs, would have to be deposited depending upon the nature of stay and care required, which will be refunded without interest within 15 days from the date of discharge.             Concession (upto 50% reduction in charges) would be offered to our residents. The management would reserve the rights to this decision
Subject to permission given by the personal doctor of the patient, visitors are allowed only during the Visiting Hours.
No, pets are not allowed.
We prefer no companion staying with the patient in the ACC as we are fully equipped to take care of them and do not want crowding in the ACC which could disturb others. However, if the patient needs 24-hour attendance, we will arrange for a Care Giver from our pool and charge some additional amount for the same. The children or near and dear may rest assured that proper care will be given to the seniors in ACC.


The principal of the Corpus Amount will not be touched. Only the interest will be used for carrying out repairs and renovations and any additions to the common amenities as decided by the management in the interest of the residents.  The interest from Corpus Fund will not be used for reducing the maintenance cost (MMC).
No. It is not refundable. In fact, when the property changes hands, the new owner will have to pay the Corpus afresh. This is the only way the Corpus Amount can be increased for better use of the residents comforts and beat inflation.
Corpus Amount is not proportionate to the size of the Dwelling. It is same for all as it is a fund whose utilization is common for all the residents.
These are given in relevant FEMA Rules and are available in the website of Reserve Bank of India. If anyone needs any clarification, we can give the same.
Yes, you will have to pay property tax as per rules every year. The exact amount will vary depending on the type and size of dwelling. This will be intimated to you on Obtaining Assessment of Tax for your dwelling from the the authorities and your Property Tax Book handed over to you when you take possession of your dwelling.


Yes, through CSCS, as we would like to know whom the property is being given on rent.
  1. The lease will be for 11 months and the clauses in the lease will be common and provided by CSCS.
  2. CSCS will identify the tenant based on fulfilling the KYC norms.
  3. Even if you bring the tenant, KYC norms will have to be fullfilled.
  4. CSCS will be your Property Manager.
  5. CSCS will do all documentation for giving your dwelling on rent.
  6. Irrespective of who identifies the tenant, CSCS will charge one month rent for the duration of the lease and you will be required to pay this amount to CSCS each time the lease is renewed or given to a new tenant.
  7. Even if the tenant vacates the premises before completion of the lease period and a new tenant occupies your dwelling, you will have to pay service charges to CSCS as given above.
This is a community for Senior Citzens. Rules as applicable to the Owners are applicable to the tenants also.
No, the tenant will not sign any separate Agreement with CSCS. Clauses in the Agreement will be uniform and the copy will be available with the Resident Manager. Your Lease Agrement with the Tenant will include clauses with regard to use of amenities and availing of services by the tenant, which is the same as provided to any owner. We shall help you with the documentation.
The Owner will pay the maintenance charges every month and collect it from the Tenant for which the Property Manager will provide necessary assistance.
CSCS will take 0.5% each of the sale value from the Seller and the Buyer. The Buyer will have to enter into a fresh Services Agreement and Guidelines for Community Living with CSCS. The Buyer will also pay corpus amount which will be credited to the corpus fund.
In order to avoid speculative investment, the Lock in Period is two years after the completion of the project/purchase of the property. One can sell the property but only on completion and after the lock in period of two years. All sale will be subject to all dues having been paid to CSCS and a NOC is obtained.
Yes, the property can also be sold to any person below the age of 50 years, but the rules for staying will be subject to the conditions specified in this document.
CSCS would share information on the latest market driven prices based on which the Owner could fix the price for their property.


We have a very Transparent System, which we call as “Participative Management”. This is how it works:
  • Though any seven people can form an association, we will not be able to handle multiple associations. Besides, senior care is not real estate and our endeavour is to concentrate on providing services and care of unmatched quality. Also, as a senior citizen your endeavour should be to lead active life and enjoy life instead of getting into day to day management of the senior care facility.
  • Therefore, we do not recognize any resident association, but we have a duly elected Resident Committee (RC) of three members.
  • The RC will be elected every year by the residents and the elections conducted by the management by fair means. Any Association, if formed, will have to address their concerns through the RC, since the Association does not represent all the residents.
  • The Amenities and Infrastructure created by Covai Care is purely for senior care, and the residents do not have any share or title or interest with regard to the common amenities or facilities provided there of which is owned by Covai for which Covai has paid the amount to the Developer.
  • The Residents are de facto Members of a Club and pay Membership Fee in the form of Refundable Deposit, to avail the services provided in the common amenities/ facilities. This is just like any club membership except the following:
    • Sign the Services Agreement and Guidelines for Community Living with CSCS.
  • The elections for electing the RC will be held by the Management every year.
  • Proper Rules and Regulations have been framed for the role of RC and Guidelines for Community Living are circulated to all the Residents.
  • There will be normal Redressal System to attend to every resident’s suggestions, concerns or complaints. Every month the Resident Manager will hold an open house meeting with the residents to get their feed back. VP - Services will attend resident meetings once in two months. Anyone who has genuine concern would be able to access the management for the resolution of any of their unresolved concerns.
  • The RC’s role is purely advisory and it will not interfere with the day-to-day functioning of the Management. If the concerns of the RC are not resolved by the Resident Manager or VP (Services), the RC has the right to meet the Director of CSCS and resolve the issues. This should be more of an exception than a rule since we have worked out detailed redressal mechanism.
  • Every month in the Meeting held by the Resident Manager, the Receipt and Expenditure in brief will be shared with the residents.
  • We also will be giving you a booklet on Service Standards so that this can be checked by the residents any time and they can bring to notice of the Resident Manager, if the standards are not met.
  • Please note that while we will do all at our command to ensure standards and quality, please do consider the human element in the spirit of all of us being a member of one big Joint Family of Covai Care.
  • We have processes and forums involving the RC, taking suggestions from the residents, to change the Food Menu every Quarter and further improve Services.
  • Our aim is to provide services and care with passion and compassion and we seek your cooperation in improving our services without any ill will.


“Retirement from Cooking” is our aim. The dining facility is not compulsory. We have permanent diners and casual diners. Casual diners can ask for meals with 24 hrs notice. The price of meals for casual diners will be slightly more (about Rs.10 per meal) vis-à-vis the permanent diners. This is the broad policy; the details will be in your services agreement. We have no objection to your cooking in your dwelling except that we may not be able to provide housekeeping staff for cleaning utensils unless we are able to get sufficient labour. Billing for catering will be based out of the meals that you consume and not uniform for all.
For choosing the Menu, the RC will hold a meeting with the residents. The Resident Manager and Chef will be present to provide any assistance. Costing will be done by the Management and informed to all. If any changes based on the costing are necessary, the RC in consultation with the Resident Manager and Chef can do the same. Menu is changed once in three months during the residents meeting. The RC will assist the Management in this task as explained above.
Yes, our catering covers bed tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch & dinner. It will also cater for guests, special meals on festivals, special occasions, celebrations etc. The monthly maintenance and catering cost can only be worked out nearer to the completion of the project, as we have not fixed the rates on date. But in Coimbatore vegetarian meals up to 31st Mar 2015 per month per individual was Rs.5000 and maintenance charge about Rs.6 per Sq.ft. Thus if you stay in a dwelling of 1500 Sq.ft, for a couple, the catering charges was Rs.10000 + maintenance charges of Rs.9000 making a total of Rs.19,000. To this add electricity and water as per consumption. Our residents in Coimbatore are able to manage with Rs.22,000 per month for a couple and lead royal life with “Retirement from Cooking” !
We wish to maintain quality and standards in catering and hence do not envisage outsourcing the catering and services as this stage.
Yes. You can, if you let us know with prior notice. Extra charges will be applicable as decided by the management.


Yes, your children can stay with you whenever they visit you on vacation. The charges for catering as prevalent will be required to be paid for by them. However, prior intimation to be given to CSCS.
Yes, your guests are welcome. However, you need to inform the Manager at least 24 hours in advance.
Yes, we have Guest Rooms available and these are fully furnished and air-conditioned. There will be charges for using the guest rooms. Guests can stay up to 10 days with you or as confirmed by the Management. This can be relaxed on a case to case basis. Preference will be given to children and close relatives of the residents. We also offer accommodation on trial basis in our guest rooms for stay not exceeding three days and only for those who would like to invest in our projects. Guests will have to furnish proof of identity and the host will be responsible to settle the bills. The Management, before the commencement of operations, will inform the charges and norms applicable.


You have the following options: The documentation process which includes Offer letter, Sale and construction agreement, Services agreement, Guidelines for Community Living etc shall be sent to you via courier or airmail. You may sign and return one set of the documents after retaining the other with you. However the execution of sale deed should be done in person or through your power of attorney.
This will vary depending upon whether you are opting for housing loan or not. Normally registration of the property will not be done unless you have paid at least 50% of the cost of the property. In the case of your opting for housing loan, you need to pay your own contribution fund as prescribed by the housing finance company and we will get the property registered in your name to facilitate your loan disbursement.
No. We shall ensure that we maintain price as assured in the Offer Letter/Agreement until delivery of the dwelling. However, extra charges will be payable if any modifications in the design/change in the area made by you apart from the standard offer given to you.
We shall provide you the copy of the legal opinion given by the reputed advocate to ensure clear title of the property. The parent documents will be given at the time of registration of the property in your favor.
  • The property is free hold and will be registered in the name or names of the purchasers.
  • The registration date will be intimated to you well in advance. We will handle the process of registration.
  • The property being free hold can be passed on to the Legal Heir(s). We will take a nomination form filled by you in case the property is to be passed on to your Legal Heirs.
  • On passing the ownership of the property to your legal heirs, the Refundable Deposit paid by you will be returned and the legal heirs will sign the fresh Services Agreement and pay the currently applicable Refundable Deposit to CSCS. This is necessary as the new owner needs to sign the Services Agreement for getting all Services and care from CSCS.
  • Covai Property Centre will sign the Sale and Construction Agreement with the buyer.
  • The Services Agreement is to be executed between CSCS and the Buyer at the time of executing Sale and Construction Agreement. .
There are two options:
  • The Legal Heirs can sell the property and take the money and share it as per the Will. The Refundable Deposit will be returned to the Legal Heirs as the new Owner will pay the same and sign the Services Agreement.
  • The other option is that the property passes on to the Legal Heirs as per the Will. The Refundable Deposit paid by you will be returned to the Legal Heirs. The Legal Heirs will pay the currently applicable Refundable Deposit and sign a fresh Services Agreement with CSCS in case they wish to retain the property.
The Legal Heir can live in the property if he or she is above 50 years or accompanied by a senior family member above 50 years. Alternatively, the property can be rented out to any other senior. The Services Company will find a tenant and act as the Property Manager for which one-month rent is payable as the Service Charges each time the Lease is renewed.


The following charges constitute in the Monthly Maintenance Charges (MMC) which is levied per dwelling:
  • Fixed cost like salaries of staff employed including House Keeping, Maintenance, Cooks, Stewards, Security, Supervisors, Gardeners, Managers, F & B Manager, Chef, Nurse, Care Givers, Garbage Collector, Ambulance Driver, Plumber, Electrician and office staff like Accountant, Billing Clerk, Store keeper etc.
  • Variable cost for common areas and common amenities such as electricity and water charges, running of Club House, Medical Centre, RO Plant, STP Plant, Generators for Lifts, EB charges for lifts, etc, minor repair charges of equipment, replacement cost of electrical fittings for common areas and amenities etc.
  • On an average, the MMC is likely to be Rs 6 per sq ft per month approximately. Exact amount will be intimated before commencement of services and will be put up on the Notice Board.
  • The MMC will also have an incremental cost annually as it includes staff salary increase, bonus etc.
  • Service Tax as per rules is payable for MMC and NOT for catering
Since your dwelling is maintained even during your absence the staff cannot be changed every month based on occupation. Hence you will have to pay the MMC even if you are not staying in your property for any length of time.
Yes. Any major repairs and replacements to be carried out in the Common areas specified above will be done from the interest earned from the Corpus Fund.
There will be no deduction for non-use of amenities, as all will have to share the common expenses.
As explained above, this will be part of MMC. Major repairs and replacements will be from the interest earned from the Corpus Fund.
Normally MMC will be revised annually; by the end of the financial year in April. We would have Participative Management in discussion related to the MMC keeping the aim to have the charges as low as possible.


No, we will not provide Central Gas Supply or permit cooking gas in Senior Living communities. This is adverse to the Senior Living concept as any incident of fire hazard could prove fatal to self and even the other residents of the community. We provide kitchenette with provision for Induction Stove. Since catering is provided in the Club House/Annex, we do not see the necessity of regular cooking.
Pets are NOT allowed, as it might cause inconvenience and hence objections by the other residents in the Senior Living Community. Also, if the owner has to be hospitalized or goes away on vacation, it would be difficult to take care of the pet.
No, there are no restrictions. If the resident goes out, he or she can leave information by signing the Register at the Gate and inform their neighbor/friend just as a matter of precaution. All residents are issued with an Identity Card so that it can be of assistance to identify and initiate help in case of any emergency. If the residents go out of the Community on long or short holidays, they are required to inform the Resident Manager and also sign the ‘Dining Out’ Register. On Return, they need to fill in the ‘Dining in’ Register. When the residents go out on long vacation, we request them not to leave any valuables behind. They need to lock all cupboards without any valuables like cash/jewellery. We maintain your premises in your absence and hence it is ideal to keep your valuables in your bank lockers. You are also required to insure your property against theft, fire, natural calamity etc for which we will assist.
Yes, our basic aim is to make life active for seniors. Not only will there be Spiritual and religious activities, you can participate in recreational and wellness activities, dance, drama, songs and music, reading club, tours etc. We encourage the residents to conduct these programs and will provide them all the support through our Wellness Executive. Besides, we shall also organize Yoga, Pranayama, Stretching exercises which are very essential as we age. Ultimately, if we remain active as we age, we will not find time hanging on us and will be mentally fit and lead a contented life.
No, we do not permit any commercial activity by any residents within the perimeters of our community. This is primarily because we are concerned about security as well as disturbance to other residents. As a Chartered Accountant, you can carry on your consultancy outside the premises of our community. Further, you and your team are free to help our residents in advising or filing tax returns every year as a social service, which will be appreciated by the residents. Your wife can help the residents in the Medical Centre or in the Assisted Care Centre as a volunteer.  Her valuable assistance will be much appreciated and it will also keep them remain active and occupied.
The owners (couple or Single person) can stay in their dwelling. Their children and guests can come and stay for a short duration. If the grand children want to pursue studies and if the parents of grand children are living in some other city, the grand children can stay with the owners. Similarly parents or parents-in-laws of the owners of the dwelling can stay with them. Each case can be considered and a solution found to the best of ability of the Management.
Regular medical check-ups will be organized once in a year in a good and recognized hospital. The cost for the same will be negotiated with the hospital and will be borne by the residents. Routine BP and Sugar tests can be done in the Medical Centre on a nominal charge. Sample collection services for the other pathological tests can be organized with reputed clinics/laboratories. The cost for the same shall be payable by the residents on actual. The Medical Centre is well equipped including Portable ECG, Defibrillator, Nebulizer etc.
The word “Governance” is a misnomer. As has been explained the residents of our retirement community is one large JOINT FAMILY and there is no governance per se, since each and every individual, be it the owner or tenant or the staff of Services Company are inter-dependent on each other. The Services Company ensures that all services are structured and provided to all the residents without any disparity. They attend to the routine complaints / suggestions from the residents. There is a RC which is elected by the Residents which interacts with the Management on larger issues. However, while we encourage participative management; the decision of Management on all issues, which cannot find common ground, will be final.
Yes, housekeeping services are provided on all days except on Sundays and Holidays. This is because the staff too needs to spend time with their families. While sweeping of the dwelling will be done daily, sweeping and mopping/swabbing will be carried out on alternate days.
We charge a nominal amount towards home delivery of meals. However this facility is extended only for the exceptional situations, like someone being sick. It is ideal for all residents to come to the Club House /Annex to eat and mingle with other residents so that the feeling of community living improves and so does Group Cohesion.
No, you cannot bring your own house keeping staff or driver and make them stay in your dwelling. This is mainly due to Security reason and objections from other residents. We wish to reiterate that we are meant to provide services and care for Senior Citizens and as such it is NOT an extension of a typical real estate project If any resident falls sick and needs attendant for short term, especially if they are single, we shall arrange from our pool of Care Givers. Please be rest assured that your care and services is of paramount concern to us.
In case residents desire any additional services apart from the regular services provided, the same shall be projected through the RC to the management. The management shall provide the same subject to the viability and availability of staff.
The success of any Retirement Community is the effectiveness of care and services. Having been in this business for over 10 years and being the pioneer in senior care, Team Covai has exhibited unmatched passion and compassion for the community. Standard Operating Procedures, Systems and Processes have been evolved after careful consideration based on the feedbacks and these are constantly reviewed. We have third party audit on the facilities & services done along with the involvement of the residents and the RC. We have well thought out Redressal system and also Participative Management by the residents not only to maintain standards but also constantly monitor quality of service and care. Such systems are not available elsewhere. Our Services Agreement is watertight and caters to all issues, which are of concern to the residents as well as the Management. Even if the Management changes hands, the new management will have to abide by the Services Agreement signed by individual owners and are bound to provide the same if not better quality of services and care. We also have a policy of not out sourcing the services like catering etc., so that we can ensure quality service from our own employees whom we take care.
This has been answered above. The day-to-day Redressal mechanism is handled at the level of individual residents and the Resident Manager/Supervisors, as these are applicable to that resident only. For issues of collective interest, we have the system of Participative Management and the problems can be taken up with the Management by the RC. Besides, we also have Open House every month where the residents come face to face with the Top Management and the Team from the Services Company.
We will tie up with a local chemist who will deliver the medicines at your dwelling. We shall also negotiate to have Discount, which can be passed on to you. The RC can monitor the efficiency of the system. You could also involve our staff and vehicles for running errands on your behalf, these concierge services will be undertaken with some nominal Service Charges.
Yes, we will have battery operated Golf Carts (we call it Buggy) for travel within the community. We will have a travel desk to coordinate on your requirements to travel around the city of Coimbatore or for short tours. The travel desk will make all arrangements including air, rail, bus, taxi travel as well as Hotel room bookings. The above Travel Desk services would incur a nominal service charge.


  • A Medical Centre is the place where you can consult the on-call doctor after fixing up an appointment.
  • It is a mini–clinic with patient waiting Hall, Nurse and Doctor(on call or resident)
  • It has a small pathological lab for basic blood and urine test.
  • It is well equipped for emergencies like Defibrillator, Portable ECG Machine, and Nebulizer etc.
  • It maintains your Medical Record.
  • An ambulance with Driver is available 24X7.
  • It can also accommodate two patients at night who may have some problem (not serious) needing Nurse’s attention.
  • It has emergency medicines and First Aid Kit
Yes, Ambulance Driver and well-trained Nurse will be available 24X7. We will have a time tested Emergency Evacuation System with the Resident Manager who will coordinate for the necessary assistance.
Yes. The doctor could be a resident Doctor or On-Call Doctor. We also hope to have some of the residents who are doctors and who can volunteer to take care of the residents as it keeps them occupied.
  • It is proposed to provide a SOS gadget for every resident. In case of discomfort or fall, the resident has to press the button of the SOS. The system sparks off the hooter indicating the location to the Guard Room as to where help is required.
  • Simultaneously, SOS will send out SMS to the Resident Manager, the Head of Services, the Nurse, the Ambulance Driver, Neighbour or the friend of the resident as well as one or two of his close relatives.
  • Help will be available without loss of time and appropriate action including evacuation to a Hospital will be organized.
  • The Resident Manager or in his absence, one of the Supervisors, the Nurse will accompany the patient to the hospital.
  • The Resident Manager will liaise and coordinate with the formalities of the Hospital.
  • The next of kin will be intimated once the patient is examined by the doctor and his diagnosis and the seriousness of the condition is ascertained.
  • Until any of the close relation arrives, a Helper (Care Giver) will be present. In all cases the Head of Services will also reach the Hospital and a representative of the Management will be present at the hospital to take charge of the situation.
  • All residents are provided with an Identity Card that contains the Address and Phone Number of Resident Manager, whether the person is suffering from Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or has undergone bypass Surgery or stent for his heart or has suffered stroke etc., diet restriction etc.
  • A List of All Important Numbers is placed in every Dwelling in a prominent place.
  • Emergency Hooter and SOS System are installed.
  • Directory of all Residents is available in each Dwelling.
  • Each time a resident leaves the premises, he has to record his time out and on return time in and also the place he is visiting so that anyone does not return say by the stated time, a call will be made to him or her to check their wellness.
  • Residents if old are requested not to go out alone but are encouraged to go in a group.
  • We emphasize on Group Cohesion so that every resident is concerned about each other.
  • Residents are trained to use the Defibrillator so that they can use it for others in times of need, if necessary.
  • Lectures for seniors on health precautions by qualified doctors are organized.
  • Physiotherapist conducts Stretching Exercises for the residents.
  • Yoga and Pranayama are organized on daily basis and residents are encouraged to take part in them.
  • Medical Record of each resident is maintained, which can be sent with the patient in case of emergency to the Hospital.
  • Counseling is organized for those who need it.
  • Emphasis is laid on Active Life and to remain occupied. This is ensured by drawing residents to take part in various activities and also assist in whatever capacity they can carry out social work in neighbouring villages etc
  • An interactive forum is created on the web to encourage participation of the residents contributing ideas and thoughts.


We have developed a Model wherein Senior Citizens with PWD can live in our community with their Special Child (who will be an adult) in their premises and after their demise; we will take care of the PWD until his or her demise.
  • The eligibility is screened by a team of Doctors (Psychiatrists), Social Organizations like Autism Society of India, Spastics Society etc., Management and Advisors
  • The Senior Citizens invest in a dwelling and stay with the PWD.
  • We have Activity Centre for the PWD and those who can pursue any vocation inside the Community are encouraged to do the work that they like.
  • After the demise of the parents, the property is sold at Market Rate and the money is parked in a Trust specially created for this purpose. The Trustees may also include some of the parents/relatives of such PWD, apart from well-known and committed people for the cause of PWD as well as the Director of the Services Company.
  • The PWD is moved to a hostel, which will be made available.
  • During the lifetime of the parents, the PWD is slowly made to live in his allotted room, which is done up as per his or her liking.
  • The PWD is taken care of by the Care Givers and the Trustees throughout their life.
  • The functioning of the Trust is also subject to Third Party Audit and the local Guardian or Trustee of each of the PWD, whom the parents have to nominate as per law, can also visit them and give their feedback, which will be recorded.
  • The interest from the sale of the dwelling on the demise of the parent will only be used for the expenses of the PWD including care, catering, hospital expenses etc and record of all expenses will be kept and audited.
  • It is mandatory for all PWD to have Medical Insurance Policy.
  • On the demise of the PWD, the Trust will return the Principal and Balance of interest earned) to the nominee; retaining 20% of the amount as Goodwill.
The detailed Rule Book on this will be made available to such of the parents who have PWD and desire to be part of our community.


Yes, as part of our service and since we are in Senior Care, we have an defined process for organizing funerals and last rites and we extend maximum possible assistance to the next of kin of the family of the deceased.
Yes, we will have a very nice large room where the body can be brought and rituals as per the religion and custom of the deceased can be performed. It will be a neat room with plain walls and all necessary items to perform the last rites will be available for all religions. Please be rest assured we will do all within our means to lessen the pain of grief when someone dies and ensures that there is dignity even in Death.

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    A big hand to all of them.

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    Thanks a lot. Our best wishes.

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    We keep telling all our friends and relatives or even visitors to this community during our conversation that food served here is absolutely safe and good.

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