House Keeping Services by CovaiCare

House Keeping Services by CovaiCare

House Keeping Services

At Covai, housekeeping is a process. It ensures that the resident does not face any difficulties in managing/maintaining the property. Besides, it also ensures continuity in service to ensure that any absence of specific housekeeping employee does not affect the day-to-day work schedule of the residents.

Housekeeping includes:

Sweeping & mopping/washing utensils/toilet cleaning/watering the garden/dusting & removing the segregated waste from each residential unit.

It does not include washing of clothes or cleaning the kitchen area.

Spring cleaning:

Fans, lofts and higher ceiling cleaning are done once a month. This is to ensure that the residences are dust free.


Work allotted based on size of dwelling.

Residents are informed about the timing and scheduling of work.

Domestic help remains a constant except in case of absence due to leave. A change in domestic help may be done once in 6 months.

Random audits are done as a regular practice and feedback from the residents are taken and acted upon.

In case of absence of allotted worker, the administration advice residents of the replacement who will work for each dwelling.

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Cost effective & hygiene:

The resident reaps the benefit of buy as one.

Each residence has its own mopping & sweeping material. This is to ensure hygiene.

Organic cleaning material is used to ensure hygiene and personal comfort of residence.

When you are away:

Cleaning is done with supervision.

Locked and empty houses are cleaned twice a week. This ensures that the residents are not worried about cleaning when they return after a holiday or travel.

What you have to additionally pay for:

Washing clothes. It is not part of the regular maintenance.

Residents are advised to wash the clothes in their respective washing machines, so that the domestic help can help in hanging the washed clothes for drying.

The House keeping fee is nominal and structured on hour basis.

Training and supervision:

Our house keeping staff and supervisor are trained. Inputs from residents are discussed and corrections carried out. Benefit of learning is shared and applied to all residences.

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