Home Health Care

Home Health Care

Home health care is a very important segment of Care. It is gradually and steadily finding its niche in the Indian health care system. It will become the next big and best thing on the Indian healthcare horizon. With an ageing population and the rapid increase in various types of chronic illnesses, there is an urgent need for quality health care. Private sector medical institutions and government hospitals are unable to cope with the demand since the average Indian still finds access to health care difficult. Given the fact that for every one thousand people, there are only 0.7% beds, home as a virtual hospital is the future.

Chronic diseases are becoming very prevalent and home health care can make a huge impact in the management of these diseases for patients at home, so that they don’t have to go through recurrent hospitalizations. Some key issues that have impacted the growth of this sector of healthcare include:

Patients come into emergency room because there is no one at home to take care or watch over them.

Primary care giver is not available to take care of the comprehensive needs and this necessitates help at home.

There is a need to provide better care for people, especially the elderly, by managing their care pro-actively rather than a reactive approach.

From an economic standpoint, overall spend on healthcare reduces with home care as it minimizes hospital admissions.

Appropriate use of technology helps implement high-quality home healthcare services across India, where access to good facilities in hospitals is mostly in the tier 1 and 2 cities.

From pathological tests, nursing services, medicines at home, telemedicine the list of services under home health care is vast.

CovaiCare offers only Home visits by our Doctors and provide such care in communities without Assisted Care Centre.

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