CovaiSmart App


Retirement Community Management Software

Senior Citizens prefer to spend their autumn years in a comfortable environment, cherishing their nostalgic memories, without worries about the daily chores, health, safety and other routine matters.

Retirement Communities serve to meet such expectations.

Such objectives of a retirement community can be well supported by technology and software. It simplifies the communication process, offers complete transparency with real time reporting of tasks assigned and charges levied.

Benefits of COVAISMART

  • Operational efficiency; Savings in costs; satisfied residents
  • Low investment cost, no new hardware, quick start, quick pay-back
  • Cost per resident is highly affordable
  • Available 24×7 from anywhere for all departments
  • Secure against any unauthorized access
  • Customizable & adaptable to any community
  • Feature-rich with zoom-in, filter, sort & other user-friendly options
  • Senior citizens are no more anonymous, and will feel cared for Residents get their own APP to stay connected
    Any delays in services are highlighted for prompt action
  • Automated billing improves cash-flow, no more errors
  • Traceable expenses at various levels
  • Integrated accounting module
  • Proper estimations in the kitchen & dining – to control costs
  • Wastages / shortages can be tracked for corrective action
  • Dashboard for all information at one place
  • Assets can be tracked for timely renewals of contracts
  • Automated alerts via SMS / Email to ensure prompt action
  • Info graphics for the management to take timely & correct decisions
  • Housekeeping tasks can be scheduled well with minimum staff
  • A field-proven product, developed with inputs from domain experts

Salient features of COVAISMART

  • House inventory, occupancy status history
  • Keep track of houses available for sale/rent
  • Residents’ profile with address, contact nos., birth date etc.
  • Additional attributes such as health, next-of-kin information, emergency contacts, identity documents, health particulars, medications, qualifications, achievements etc.
  • Dashboard highlights single residents, super-seniors, on-coming birthdays etc.
  • Double entry accounting system ensures properly balanced accounts & saves time in reconciliation
  • Automatic transactions from various modules, no errors, no delays
  • Configurable GST tax calculation rules
  • Standard rates can be set for maintenance, kitchen overheads etc. and auto-debited at month-end
  • Trial balance, General Ledger, Sub-Ledgers, Month-End balances
  • Define date ranges for monthly billing (Ex: from 26th to 25th of next month)
  • Info graphics, charts and summary reports for the management
  • Records of all assets and their contract terms for proper follow-ups
  • Asset verification to avoid any misplacement or loss
  • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly housekeeping tasks, track them to completion
  • Register service requests, raise a bill automatically when completed
  • Delayed / pending requests are highlighted for prompt action
  • View inventory (quantity & value) to track over-spending/shortage
  • Record all purchases and issues & calculate average rate
  • View as a chart, price variations over a time-period
  • Stock verification to control any pilferage
  • Update bookings for a dining session
  • Set different rates per session for residents, guests, home-delivery
  • Raise a bill for a diner, his guests if any, after the session is over
  • Set the menu for every session
  • Generate reports of estimates of quantities to be prepared and provisions to be issued for the kitchen
  • Register special notes such as not-dining for a few days, home delivery requests, diet-menu etc. and get alerted when the menu is planned
  • Use Mobile APP & QR Code to record home deliveries – avoid delays & keep track of flasks and containers
  • Record all expenses incurred towards vehicle usage, raise bills to residents, monitor vehicle usage and fuel refills
  • Guest booking, check-in, check-out, guest billing, billing a resident, guest occupancy list – all covered in the Guest House module
  • Register cultural events, activities, inform all residents via Email, accept bookings, get alerted about on-coming event
    Maintain a calendar of events, holidays etc.
  • Keep track of residents who have gone out for the evening and send a SMS to check if they need any assistance
  • Mobile Apps (IOS and Android) for the residents – to raise a service request, view events list, resident directory, greet on birthdays, view bills and payments, view menu for a day, book guests, call a contact on emergency, know the current location if need to call help
  • External interfaces to Email, Mobile alerts, SMS notifications, export to excel spreadsheet


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