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Longevity is a fact. We live long. Almost 1/3 of our lives are spent in post-retired phase of our lives. With age, care assumes importance. At CovaiCare, we strive to explore the possibilities of serving the senior citizens in our retirement communities by evolving various living and care options in the context of longevity, which would make active life enjoyable as well as affordable. One of the key areas of concern to the elders today is health care cost. Every penny saved will go to cater for care expenses with advancing age.

Innovation is the key to success. Team CovaiCare has a Research Team which constantly works on improvements so that we can help the seniors whom we take care. CovaiCare is ahead of others in the care segment because we think of future always. Assisted, memory, palliative, preventive, PolyCare as well as Persons with Disabilities (PsWD) care are the types of care that we provide to those living in our senior living facilities.

To the various types of care that the elderly may need, we feel the aspect of Preventive Care assumes lot of importance. Towards this end, we are conducting workshops spanning 12 weeks for our elders on subjects like Fall Prevention.  CovaiSmart is the software which makes quicker delivery of services for elders living in CovaiCare managed retirement communities. This also lets the management measure the quality of services and intervenes where needed, to improve such of the services delivery.

We were the first to have Telemedicine facility for our elders. Our Medical Centre was connected to a multi-specialty hospital (GKNM) in Coimbatore. GKNM Hospital was hooked via satellite to access over 300 hospitals around the world. This enabled the patient to see the concerned specialist doctor in the hospital and get consultation for his health issues. This avoided the patient going to the hospital and waiting for the doctor. Instead you met the doctor via a TV screen at a pre-appointed time. Our medical centre had a leased line to the hospital. The cost was high as we had to spend on capital as well as recurring expenditure for the leased line.

Nothing remains constant. Change is the only constant factor. Team CovaiCare realises this simple truth. We also keep abreast of technology which is changing constantly. Today Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Block Chain has assumed great importance. 3D Printing can make buildings constructed very fast and save on wastage, labour and cost.

If this is the world that we live today, why not create a facility that can adopt the functions of Telemedicine but with a difference, at a lower cost, better connectivity through the available technology and give elders living in or outside our retirement communities a?

The Idea:

If Covai’s PolyCare at Coimbatore, which functions on all days of the week (except Sundays) from 9AM to 8 PM can be connected to our medical centres in our retirement communities for consulting our General Practitioners (GPs) or Specialists, the elders needing medical consultancy can save money and energy by not going to a hospital or a clinic or even to Covai’s PolyCare! Such connectivity is not restricted to Coimbatore projects of CovaiCare but is possible from our other retirement communities like Bengaluru or Mysuru. In fact, from any place in India. And, any dwelling in India where internet is available!  How?

Good question. Internet and Google assist us! And this is what Team CovaiCare did in creating 2CT:

STEP1:             Set up connection:

  • Set up a TV in the GP’s cabin at Covai’s PolyCare and in the Medical Centre at the retirement community
  • Connect the TVs to the Internet and keep the microphone on
  • Connect to Medical Centre through Google Hangout
  • Now the Doctor can see the patient and talk to him or her. So can the patient see and speak to the Doctor

STEP 2:            Patient calls the Medical Centre in the retirement community and asks for an appointment with the Doctor at the PolyCare. Or he or she registers the Service Request through CovaiSmart App and gets acknowledgement in his or her mobile


  • The Duty Nurse (At the Retirement Community):
  • Retrieve the Patient’s Medical File from the system as well as the hard copy in file.
  • Call CRM in Covai’s PolyCare and give details of this patient’s request and check time when GP would be available
  • Inform the patient the Consultation time fixed and request him or her to come to the Medical Centre about 10 mins before the appointed time to take vital parameters like temperature, pulse, BP etc.
  • Send Buggy for transportation of the patient, if required, taking into account travelling time to the Medical Centre
  • The CRM Executive (At Covai’s PolyCare):
  • Retrieve’s patient’s file (digital and hard copy) fixes appointment with the concerned GP, informs the time of appointment to the Duty Nurse at the retirement community. File is handed over to the doctor to refresh information about the patient. (Covai’s PolyCare has data of all patients registered with the Covai’s PolyCare)
  • If it is a new patient, allots a Registration Number and completes the formalities. To charge Rs 100/- for first time registration.
  • The Patient:
  • Collect medical file from his or her home and report to the Duty Nurse 10 minutes prior to the appointment time. Call for Buggy if required
  • The Duty Nurse
  • Takes the Basic Parameters (Temperature, Pulse, BP, etc., and, gets to know the patient’s complaint(s)
  • Gets signature of the patient on the Consent Form
  • At the appointed time, the GP calls the Medical Centre through Google Hangout and once connection is made speaks to the Nurse and the patient in the Doctor’s cabin at the Medical Centre
  • GP may prescribe any tests or medicines or any course of action to be taken by the patient. Basic tests like Sugar or blood will be done from the Lab to which Covai’s PolyCare is attached. The prescription will be scanned and sent to the Duty Nurse, who will organize the medicine through the chemist who supplies medicines to all residents in the retirement community.
  • Duty Nurse will also brief the patient about the details and dosage/time of medicines to be taken etc. She will also monitor the medicine in-take daily, until the medicines are exhausted.
  • In the interim, if the patient wants to meet the doctor for any advice on the same illness, he or she may do so without any additional money being charged for Doctor’s Consultancy.
  • The patient’s progress will be monitored by the Nurse and reported to the GP on daily basis until the patient fully recovers. The patient can see the doctor every day if desired.
  • The medical Records will be updated both at Covai’s PolyCare and the Medical Centre, who maintain data online and on file. The medical file is always with the patient and it is ensured that the place where the file(s) are to be kept is not changed so that in case of emergency evacuation to a hospital it is available. The Housekeeping staffs of CovaiCare are trained to check this every day when they report to any dwelling for housekeeping chores.
  • The Nurse from the retirement community carries the file in the ambulance available 24X7 at the retirement community, if the patient is evacuated to a hospital. Covai’s PolyCare can also transfer the file to the concerned hospital if necessary and where such tie-ups have been made
  • The Consultancy charges for 2CT is only Rs 100/-. For the same complaint, until cure, the GP will not charge any more consultancy charges. In case, if the patient is referred to any Specialist in Covai’s PolyCare he or she will be charged Specialist Consultancy charges. Cost of tests if ordered and medicines prescribed is payable by the patient. The date and time for such consultancies will be intimated to the patient by the CRM in the PolyCare who will also keep the Nurse in the retirement community informed.
  • Any data to be updated in the file of the patient will be the responsibility of the CRM Executive at Covai’s PolyCare who will also ensure that the Nurse at the retirement community is kept informed.
  • The charges collected by duty nurse will be deposited to Covai’s PolyCare bank account with the help of Resident Manager.
  • PolyCare Accounts/CRM/to reconcile bank the account on daily basis.

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