Catering & Diet Services by CovaiCare

Catering & Diet Services by CovaiCare


The choice of menu and the type of food is fixed on a quarterly basis.

A committee that is represented by Covai and residents work together on the menu.

The composition of the resident’s committee is changed every year to give the residents a feel of equal representation.

A nutritious meal is worked that is geriatric friendly. Finalized menu is shared with all residents before adoption. Rates are also decided at this meeting.

Crispi’s, home delivered are packed in specific foils to retain the freshness.

Special diets based on Doctor’s advise available at additional cost.


Y3K is a coffee shop which will be a part of all the retirement communities in the future.

The coffee shop with provide healthy snacks, juices, tea & coffee.

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Home cooked food or outside food is not allowed inside the common dining area.

Common dining is already covered in the earlier section.

However, the residents can also avail home delivery services.

The delivery is available at an extra cost that is very reasonable. This is applicable when the resident is unwell or is not in a position to go to the common dining area.

Eating at the common dining area is encouraged, as it fosters a greater sense of understanding and knowing fellow residents as well as reduces wastage of food.

Activity Time
Morning Coffee / Tea  05.30 – 06.00 am
Breakfast   07.30 – 08.45 am
Lunch 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Evening Coffee / Tea  03.30 – 04.30 pm
Dinner 07.30 – 08.45 pm

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