Residents Musings

A wedding in the family

January 22, 2020. A day that will be remembered for a long time in S3 for the happiness and gaiety that one witnessed on that day. It was the Satabhishekam function of Sri Ananthakrishnan and his wife, Yogamba, a well- revered senior couple in S3. The function

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Why we chose to move to a Senior Living Community

WHY WE CHOSE TO MOVE TO A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Originally produced from Source: To move or not to move to a senior living community is a topic of discussion amongst many as they approach retirement and for many years after retirement. Retired Chief Executive Mr.

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Role of Senior Citizens in Knowledge Economy

Think tank on “Role of Senior Citizens in Knowledge Economy” Held at Soundaryam Comfort Homes, Perur-Pachapalayam, Coimbatore on Saturday, September 18, 2010 “Change” is the only thing permanent in life: It is inevitable, being the law of nature.  So too is the natural process of ageing, and

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The Summer Magic Camp 2018

Summer Magic Camp 2018

SUMMARY OF THE SUMMER MAGIC CAMP 2018 The Summer Magic Camp 2018 that concluded on 29 May with great gaiety and warmth highlighted the innovative approach and dedicated service of the S3 Mentors and the nine children who worked enthusiastically even on Sundays and other holidays to

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