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Ms.Shilpi Das Chohan – My Experience at CovaiCare

Experiencing the trickle-down leadership effect with Team Covai I was looking forward to my stay in a place that I only heard existed. It intrigued me no end to find out what lays ahead. I was anxious about what my experience would be. So the day arrived.

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CovaiCare Invests in Social Values & Technology for Senior Care

Summer Magic Camp

CovaiCare Invests in Social Values & Technology for Senior Care by Team CovaiCare In 2004, when Covai Property Centre (India) Private Limited (Covai) embarked on its journey in the field of retirement communities, it was a simple embedded concept – construct dwellings that can house senior citizens

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From Senior Living to Care in India – An Evolution


“Nothing is permanent in life. Change is the only constant factor!” About fifteen years ago, old age homes provided shelter to the elderly who were from the financially disadvantaged class and those who were destitute. Old age homes continue to take care of the elderly from that

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We are what we are at CovaiCare

Vanakkam! Greetings from CovaiCare! Eldercare is more than brick and mortar.  Brand CovaiCare defines happiness, wellness and the spirit of togetherness bundled with a perfect blend of care and compassion. As pioneers with over 15 years of expertise in the field of endeavour, we have evolved the

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A Vacation Paradise


When Revathi Bhasker and her husband, S. K., retired from their long careers in banking and academia two years ago, they made a move that left their daughters reeling. Instead of subsiding gently into dotage and sharing a home with their children, as Indians have done for

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