Benefits from 2CT to Residents of CovaiCare Retirement Communities

The residents of CovaiCare Retirement Community benefit as follows:

  • GP is available for six days in a week from 9AM to 6 PM
  • Saving on cost of transportation to Hospital or Covai’s PolyCare
  • No waiting as in the case of a hospital.
  • Our GPs have all the time to hear from or the patient and, patients from our retirement community know the GPs. So do other patients registered with Covai’s PolyCare. Thus, they are not strangers to each other.
  • Cost of Consultancy is much less than in hospitals or other clinics
  • The patient sees the GP at the onset of any medical problem – routine or specific to the patient
  • Personalized follow up by Covai’s PolyCare and the Nurse at the retirement community

Additional Benefit to those Residents who have any disability or admitted to CovaiCare’s ACC

  • Those of our residents who have any disability or admitted in our Assisted Care Centers need not even come to the Medical Centre at the retirement community. We have a TAB in every Medical Centre and the TAB can be taken to such of these patients and they get (indirect) Home Visit by our GPs and Specialists! Such Home visits will cost only Rs 150/-. This reduces the enormous logistic problems faced by patients who suffer from physical disabilities or recovering from recent surgery or admitted in ACC

Benefits to CovaiCare’s Retirement Community outside Coimbatore:

The best news is that by having similar arrangement in the retirement communities of CovaiCare in other stations, our residents from all our retirement communities can be hooked to Covai’s PolyCare at Coimbatore. Since all our Medical Centers are similarly equipped, all our residents will have access to not only Covai’s PolyCare GPs but also the Specialist Doctors on our panel.

In effect, all our elders in all our projects will get the same benefits as those residing in Coimbatore retirement communities of CovaiCare.

2CT to the aid of those residing outside CovaiCare Retirement Communities including members of Covai’s PolyCare:

We can provide above mentioned services by our GPs and Specialists by setting up the facility from their mobile or Lap Tops and connected to Covai’s PolyCare! For payments, we are tying-up with an online payment Company!


Every journey begins with a step. In CovaiCare, every idea that can help elders will be taken to its logical conclusion. This results in coming out with ideas that would make elder care simple, cost effective and enjoyable!  Age, after all, is a number!

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