CovaiCare Services


Senior Citizen Services & Care:


Covai Senior Citizens Services Pvt Ltd is group company of� CovaiCare specializing in senior care services.

CSCS provides following services :

  • Catering Services (only Vegetarian food)
  • House Keeping Services
  • Gardening Services
  • 24 x 7 Security
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Travel Services including pick and drop, tickets etc
  • Religious Tours as well as organizing holidays through Travel Agents
  • Picnics and Outings including Movies and Restaurants
  • Event Management
  • Annual Medical Check Ups
  • Lectures on religion, spiritualism and common subjects of interest
  • Preventive maintenance & On-Call service by electrician, plumber and carpenter
  • Payment of taxes, telephone and electricity bills and preparation of IT Returns
  • Guest House facilities for guests
  • Arrangements for celebrations like Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries etc
  • Live-in Resident Manager
  • Emergency services including evacuation to hospitals
  • Maintenance of Health Record and arranging periodic medical checkup in hospitals
  • Doctor facilities (on call)
  • Structured supply of medicines and home needs
  • Arrangement for banking facility (subject to banks willing to put up extension counter or other services)

Please note while many of the services are included in our monthly maintenance charges others in the specific category will be on chargeable basis on the services availed.


  • Mr.Bharat & Mr.Ashok (Resident)

    During our recent visits, we noticed a vibrant community willing to help and care and even share their experiences with a bondage to others that display their overall happiness. There is a great calmness and a sense of belonging among the residents. They feel proud to be in this beautiful place. The staff and the residents are always eager to render assistance and support to their fellow residents.

    Colonel, you have established a solid foundation for the S3 retirement community to live happily, peacefully, and thrive and prosper for years to come.

  • Mr.Varadarajan PV, Stm-19

    We are staying in this community from July 2006 and have been eating at the Retreat for most of the time and we never ever had any problem after eating the food. The Doctor who was interacting with each one of the 27 odd residents said that the place, food and atmosphere in the Retirement Community will take care of your health.

    We keep telling all our friends and relatives or even visitors to this community during our conversation that food served here is absolutely safe and good.

  • Mr.Nambi Kalakad (Resident)

    Nearly a week ago I had an emergency and prompt help arrived from the staff and I was lifted up and put into my bed. We could immediately get a full time attender as well as a wheel chair.

    I don't find enough words to express my gratitude to all involved. The family spirit is excellent if at all it needed to be brought to light every now and then!

  • Mr.Venkata Sukuntha (Resident)

    This is yet another incident when CovaiCare jump into action when someone/anyone suddenly needs urgent attention and help. This kind of support gives a lot of mental and psychological confidence not only to the senior residents, but also to their children who are in different corners of globe, that immediate help and attention is available. The care and concern of the co-residents which give a morale boost, also is greatly appreciated.

  • Ms.Jaya Narayan (Resident)

    This is so reassuring to me - sitting at such a far away distance from my loved one. I know that team @ Covai is providing the best elder care with speed and affection.Thank you everyone.More power to all of you.

  • Mr.Vijayakumar Nrr (Facebook)

    Colonel Sridhar and team are very passionate about providing valuable services to the Senior Citizens. Kudos to their passion and dedication for their vision which we see in reality now.

  • Mr.SV Ramachandran (Facebook)

    A wonderful gated community for senior citizen! I have not yet come across better ones so far in terms of facilities, comforts, needs and commune for the seniors!