construction update


Covai Urbana Irene

Block A – Ground floor roof shuttering work and column concrete work in progress.

Block B – 1st floor shuttering work nearing completion.

Block C – 7th floor block work in progress.

Covai @ Tapovan Solace

Roof slab upto second floor including the shell is completed.

Masonry work in basement upto 75% completed.

Masonry work in ground floor is on progress.

Central courtyard slab completed.

Covai Ultra

Villa No 05 – Basement level brick work completed.

Villa No 16 – Ground floor plastering is on progress.

Villas No 18 – Sill level brickwork is on progress.

Villa No 20 – Site cleaning and marking is on progress.

Villas No 40 – Ground floor lintel shuttering completed.

Villa No 43 – First floor lintel above brickwork is on progress and ground floor plastering started

Villa No 45 – Ground floor lintel concrete completed.